Sage and Thyme: Cases of Teacher Affective Disposition Through the Lens of Reflective Transphenomenality

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Proceedings of the 41th Annual Meeting of the Research Council on Mathematics Learning 2014. pp 72-79.


Utilizing survey/case study research, middle school mathematics teachers’ self-positioning is challenged by positioning-by-others (student) revealing simultaneous transphenomenality as a manifestation of complexity of the main construct of the study – teacher affective disposition. Simultaneity of transphenomenality that reflects “events or phenomena that exist or operate at the same time” (Davis, 2005, p.14) was recognizable in the dynamic and multifaceted nature of disposition which contributed to emergent and shifting mathematical disposition. Fluidity in teacher positioning, measured by multiple instruments, toward mathematics teaching and learning was representative of metamorphoses between teacher-as-engineer and teacher-as-technician and resultant student disposition toward mathematics.