Publication Date

November 2005


Accepted for presentation at the CCCC Annual Convention.
Chicago, IL, March 22-25, 2006.


Since rhetoricians believe that everything is rhetorical and I am a rhetorician, I wanted to look at the rhetoric involved in a program of GED training. The professional context or culture that I examined in this research project is a GED Preparatory Program at a large school district Community Learning Center in a Mexican-U.S. border town. What I found was that four categories or themes emerged from the interviews, observations, and documents that I examined. Three of the four themes are directly from classical and modern rhetoric, and the fourth, I contend is a result of the other three operating together. Motivation, the fourth interpreted theme is a result of the first three acting in concerted effort to create motivation. I would contend that this motivation is a by-product of the first three interpreted themes: ethos, pathos, and logos.