Power Preponderance, Institutional Homogeneity and the Likelihood of Regional Integration

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Genna, Gaspare, Power Preponderance, Institutional Homogeneity, and the Likelihood of Regional Integration (2011). APSA 2011 Annual Meeting Paper. Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=1900338


This paper seeks to explain and predict levels of regional integration worldwide. I theorize that the institutionalization regional integration increases under a power preponderance structural condition with higher levels of status quo satisfaction. In addition, there is a reciprocal effect between integration and the homogenization of domestic institutions. This latter association improves the level of status quo satisfaction. As a result integration cannot be explained nor predicted using a single equation but instead relies on a system of pathways. The paper reviews prior work on regional integration and then contributes to the scholarship by synthesizing the findings of the power transition and institutional schools. Tests utilizing autocorrelation corrected regressions with regional integration organizations (1970-2004) support the main hypotheses.