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Anthony A. Salvatore


Background: The incidence of sport-related concussion is debatable. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report an extrapolated incidence of 1.6 to 3.2 million recreational/sports-related traumatic brain injuries a year, the suspicion is that the incidence is much higher (CDC, 2014). An important consideration in determining the incidence involves whether an athleteâ??s knowledge of what a concussion is influences their self-report of prior concussions.

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to replicate and extend Pfirman (2015) in determining whether providing information about concussion will increase the self-report of a history of concussion. Furthermore, this study investigates whether there is a difference in self-reporting between males and females and between age groups (18 and over; 17 and under).

Study Design: Group design comparing a Pre-Test Information Group and a Post-Test Information Group matched for gender and age.

Methods: Before taking the ImPACT test the athletes (participants) will be randomly separated into two groups, the Pre-Test Information Group and the Post-Test Information group. The Pre-Test Information Group will be read a script describing symptoms associated with a concussion prior to taking the ImPACT test, while the Post-Test Information Group will not receive concussion information until after the ImPACT test. Both groups will complete a questionnaire following ImPACT testing that asks: â??Based on your experience here today, do you think you have ever had a concussion? What is your age? What grade are you in school? Are you male or female?â??

Results: A Chi Square analysis yielded that there was no statistically significant difference

between the Pre-Test Information Group and the Post-Test Information Group (p=0.160). An additional Chi Square analysis found that age of the athletes was not a factor (p=0.160), and there was no difference in gender (p=0.160).




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