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Doctor of Philosophy


English Rhetoric and Composition


Maggy Smith


This research study focuses on the perceptions of collaborative writing held by undergraduate students enrolled in professional writing course at The University of Texas at El Paso. Working with current scholarship surrounding effective collaborative writing practices as well as Achievement Goal Theory (AGT), the author observed two different courses of professional writing. Three types of data were collected: 1. survey responses from participants at the beginning-of and end-of the course; 2. interviews with participants at the end of the semester; and 3. classroom observations. The range of data collected provided similar and different perceptions held by the student participants. The research showed that students largely held positive perceptions of the need for collaborative writing skillsets as they enter the workforce as well as positive perceptions of the value of collaborative writing in their education. However, this did not correspond with studentsâ?? enjoyment of collaborative writing activities. Additionally, the research showed that the ways in which the students viewed collaborative writing was largely dependent on the exposure to the discussion and practices exampled in the course. These results led to The Spectrum of Collaborative Writing which provides a framework for understanding collaborative writing practices and the benefits associated with different types of collaborative writing practices.




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