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Master of Science


Computational Science


Rosa Fitzgerald


Using a suite of modeling techniques and instrumentation we study the atmospheric pollutants in the PdN Region. The first objective of this work was to measure hemi-spherically integrated, spectrally resolved solar photon flux (actinic flux) between the wavelengths 300 and 700 nm, and use the measured actinic flux to improve air quality simulations. Actinic flux was measured in the PdN region in order to calculate photolysis rate coefficients for different pollutants. The improved photolysis rate coefficients were then integrated into a photochemical air quality model (CAMx) in order to improve air quality forecasting. We present the simulations performed for a selected 2015 summer ozone episode in the PdN region. Whilst this methodology was applied in the PdN region, it can also be used in any US region. In addition, to compliment this work, we studied the spectral irradiances of this region and compared them with an atmospheric radiation model at different wavelengths.

Finally, we have constructed a satellite antenna and developed the software that allows us to retrieve environmental data in real time and to respond pro-actively to the presence of dust storms or other threatening atmospheric phenomena in the PdN region.




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