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Doctor of Philosophy


English Rhetoric and Composition


Beth Brunk-Chavez


This Dissertation explores the use of hermeneutics in reconsidering the role of writing assessment in composition. The traditional view of writing assessment is negative. In order to change this traditional view and enable composition faculty to utilize writing assessment and a valuable and necessary tool, a hermeneutic sphere offers the best framework upon which to recast writing assessment as part of composition and writing. A hermeneutic sphere is an interpretive methodology that allows for the investigation of any and all aspects of the subject at hand - in this case, writing assessment. The hermeneutic sphere works much like a heuristic in that it addresses questions, questions that lead to interpretations, reinterpretations, directions and brings the various components of writing and assessment together in order to create assignments and assessments that reflect the values of each program or institution. Emphasis is on open exploration, analysis, and reflexiveness as a way to create assignments and assessments that most reflect the values and beliefs of the faculty, the program, department, college, institution, nation, or world.




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Judith Ann Fourzan