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Master of Arts




Josiah M. Heyman


The main objective of this research is to determine perceptions and behaviors of household water consumption and to examine how those may affect the patterns of water use and consumption levels in households of El Paso, Texas.

I conducted a qualitative exploratory research to collect important data that is often left unexplored in quantitative research. The collected data is a mixture of qualitative and quantitative. I do report the quantitative data using descriptive statistics, which help the reader see basic patterns in the study.

Qualitative data can help to understand the reasons that impact water consumption perceptions and behaviors in El Paso. Qualitative research allows to observe and explore the individual complexity of each participant. Also, qualitative data shows another outlook of what is not mentioned in quantitative research.

My research aims to identify general tendencies in household water consumption by observing the level of education, age, cultural background, income, social interactions, gender, and individuality.

Lastly, the qualitative data collected in this research will help the water research group of El Paso to observe individuality and other characteristics in household water consumption. Dr. Heyman is part of the water research group.




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