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Doctor of Philosophy


English Rhetoric and Composition


Lucía Durá


My dissertation investigates the teaching and teacher training experiences of first-year composition instructors in relation to the effective implementation of multimodal projects. Based on survey and interview data that I gathered from over one hundred first-year composition (FYC) instructors from colleges and universities across the US, my dissertation argues that, even though FYC curricula often highlight the importance of teaching multimodal projects, FYC instructors are not always provided sufficient training and preparation for engaging with rhetorical multimodality in its fuller complexity. My dissertation stresses the need for teacher training grounded in decolonial and multilingual theories that provide many opportunities for students to communicate using their unique linguistic, racial, and cultural resources. Indeed, by leveraging those resources, students can build and analyze both digital and non-digital multimodal texts. This project explains how composition instructors can incorporate decolonial and multilingual frameworks into their classrooms and explores the implications of implementing multimodal projects in FYC courses. Keywords: multimodality, teacher training, decolonial pedagogy, multilingualism




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