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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing


Sylvia Aguilar-Zéleny


Everything In is a multigenerational story focused on the ways in which individuals disconnect themselves from any sense of culture, family, or heritage. It explores the ways in which the past is bound to the past, and how silence and inaction work to create barriers for individuals to ever know their family, its story, and where a person belongs in it. It attempts to further the discourse on identity and what it means to come of age when culture is withheld and the bridge spanning the gap between past and present is never constructed. The narrative is concerned with the ways in which an individual's identity may never be fully realized. It posits that there is a danger to this and that without the knowledge of one's past and voices to help guide in understanding, it leaves open the possibility for an identity to not only be corrupted, but to be the one that corrupts - if only itself. Everything In explores how an individual's journey to bridge a cultural and historical divide is riddled with obstacles and borders that cannot be crossed without communication. It reflects the complexities of trying to reach towards an unknown and the risks associated with having been sheltered from one's own history.




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297 pages

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Greg Chavez