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Educational Leadership and Administration


Gary D. Brooks


This study examined the relationship between cost of attendance price increases in Texas public higher education institutions and enrollment. This study compared enrollment trends prior to and post deregulation of tuition setting authority in the State. The study focused on first-time full-time state-wide enrollment of all students and Hispanic students, and also analyzed enrollment trends at institutions located along the U.S./Mexico border and non-border for the same grouping of students. Enrollment behavior was tested for statistical significance to cost of attendance for all aforementioned geographic areas and student groups. A simple linear regression of pre-deregulation was used to predict enrollment in the post-deregulation periods and actual enrollment was compared to predicted enrollment to determine what effect, if any, cost increases had on enrollment behavior.

The findings of this study revealed significant positive relationships between enrollment and cost of attendance for State-wide total enrollment and Hispanic enrollment. The findings also revealed a significant positive relationship between non-border institution total and Hispanic enrollment and cost of attendance. No significant relationship was found between border total and Hispanic enrollment and cost of attendance. These findings were inconsistent with studies included in the lit review and the underlying demand theory that framed this study. The researcher has identified additional areas for research that may provide insight into these unexpected results.




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