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Stacey Sowards


As a means of preserving Indonesia's natural allure and resources it is evident that there must be a conscious shift made wherein environmental conservation becomes top priority among the people of Indonesia and the world. Traditionally dealt with through a country's governmental facets, a new tread of social marketing is now being employed ENGOs in various countries such as Indonesia as a way to promote biodiversity conservation. For example, one such ENGO is Rare Conservation, an international organization that teaches social marketing tools to classes or cohorts of individuals around the world as a means of improving a variety of environmental issues (Rare Conservation, 2010). In evaluating the current use of social marketing to promote environmental sustainability in Indonesia, this thesis analyzed an Indonesian cohort of Rare Conservation campaigns (Bogor 3). Each of the eleven campaigns was assessed to identify an overarching process of implementing social marketing in the campaigns from beginning to end. Not only did this allow for a critical insight into the value of such social marketing campaigns, but it lent itself to the unveiling of any possible improvements of the current techniques being employed.




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