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Master of Science


Industrial Engineering


Dr. Jose F. Espiritu


The main objective of the electric power grid is to supply economical and reliable electricity to industrial, commercial, household, transportation, and other end-users, including agricultural, educational institutions and hospitals. The power system is a very large and complex network consisting of generation, transmission, and distribution systems. The main focus of the present research is in the area of power distribution systems. Almost all the areas of the power grid uses simpler radial distribution systems to distribute electricity to the end consumer, it is the final and therefore vital link between the consumer and the rest of the power grid. Therefore it is very important to have a very robust, economical and reliable power distribution system. In this research, a new model is developed to determine optimal replacement policy for the components involved in power distribution system. The model considers two different types of potential decisions to be made at the beginning of each planning period, either to keep the component in the system for one more planning period or to replace it with a new component. The main objective of this algorithm is to obtain an optimal replacement schedule over a finite time horizon subject to annual budget constraints. Genetic algorithm is used to solve this model and is applied to two different radial configurations which are commonly used by the power industries.




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