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Industrial Engineering


Eric Smith


Today, most projects in technical fields utilize project management to complete projects as planned, and some of the projects utilize system engineering to cover the project in both technically and commercially. This Thesis investigates the relationship between Project Management (PM) and Systems Engineering (SE) to determine if a suitably professional level of management and level of quality can be achieved. When studying PM and SE separately and make a comparison between both, there is much overlap between these two mature fields. The project could be planned and completed solely by either process. This study combines both fields of Project Management and Systems Engineering to get the best cost, time and quality. The Project Manager and the System Engineer both cover technical and managerial aspects of a project, and their collaboration is essential and leads to greater efficiency and effectiveness, as well as leading to project optimization and efficiency in cost, time and quality. This Thesis integrates PM and SE processes and discusses the possibility of creating new steps for PM and SE to achieve more efficient results in the life cycle of a project from the initial study phase to the optimization, completion, and close of a project. This paper study the efficiency and effectiveness for both system engineering and project management then integrates PM and SE processes and get a complete process that covers the two aspects technical and managerial with the maximum efficiency (time and cost) and maximum effectiveness (risk and performance) as well. This paper after study and determine the efficiency and effectiveness for PM and SE will propose and create new steps that cover PM and SE without any redundant processes or additional processes that will increase the cost without giving the project any advantages. These new steps called the hybrid processes between PM and SE and these processes will be in steps cover the whole project technically and managerially these steps called Technical Project Management.




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