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Master of Science


Industrial Engineering


Jose F. Espiritu


The main objective of the power electric power grid is to supply reliable electricity to all the customers. Customers could be industrial, commercial, household, transportation and others. The power grid is a complex and large, and it formed by the conjunction of the generation, transmission and distribution system. The present research is focused in power distribution system. A new component replacement analysis method to solve component replacement problems for complex electricity distribution systems using Genetic Algorithms is developed. In the present model a Taylor series expansion is used to approximate the associated opportunity cost for each component in the system. There are two different types of potential decisions to be made at the beginning of each planning period, either to keep the component in the system for one more planning period or to replace it with a new component. The main objective is to obtain an optimal replacement schedule over a finite time horizon subject to annual budget constraints, with the objective of minimizing the total Net Present Value of unmet demand, maintenance and purchase costs. The Method is applied to the radial and complex configuration. The radial configuration is one of the most commonly used by the power industry, and the complex configuration is being using more during present years.




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