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Soheil Nazarian


The objective of this report was to assess the ability of several different devices to measure moisture content and dry density of various compacted geomaterials. The experimental research involved the testing of different subgrade soils and one base material. More than a dozen specimens, 2 ft in height and 1.5 ft in diameter, were constructed to evaluate the Transtech SDG 200, Purdue TDR, and the Decagon 10 HS moisture content sensor. The Speedy Moisture Tester and DOT600 Roadbed Water Content Meter were also evaluated using individual soil samples. All materials were tested at five different moisture contents, but at their corresponding maximum dry densities.

The Transtech SDG 200 and Purdue TDR estimate both the moisture content and dry density. Conversely, the DOT600 Meter, Speedy Moisture Tester, and the Decagon 10 HS Sensor only estimate the moisture content. The estimated quantities of each device were compared with oven-dry moisture contents measured from samples extracted from each specimen.

Overall, the Purdue TDR was slightly more accurate in determining the moisture content and dry density of the materials tested, when compared to the SDG 200. The Speedy Moisture Tester was the most accurate in determining the moisture content, while the DOT600 Meter overestimated or underestimated the moisture content for a majority of the specimens.




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