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Master of Science


Metallurgical and Materials Engineering


John C. McClure


Thin films of CdTe have been grown on CdS in a variety of methods for use in thin film photovoltaic systems. Limits to the efficiency of CdTe/CdS solar cells have been attributed to defects in the lattice that occur between the interface of CdS and CdTe due to a lattice mismatch. A close space sublimation (CSS) reactor known as the CSS4 was designed and fabricated in UTEP to deposit complex layers of CdTe and ZnTe on top of a CdS film that is grown via chemical bath deposition in order to obtain a CdTe photovoltaic. Unfortunately, the original design and fabrication of the CSS reactor (CSS3) proved to be unreliable and only a few depositions were made. This thesis summarizes the work done to improve the reactor to turn it into a reliable piece of lab equipment that can be used to conduct graduate level research while also listing known issues that should be addressed in future modifications. A standard procedure for growths is also presented. Some early results of films and devices made with the new CSS4 reactor are also included to demonstrate the potential experiments that could be conducted and the type of results that can be expected.




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