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Dr. Richard D. Pineda


Discourse of androgyny and how it functions and how it is constructed will be central to analyzing how it is utilized in popular music and how artists, particularly androgynous artists, use it to complicate their expression of identities. Androgyny is described as a mixing of both male and female genders, where there can be distinct lack of coherent gender identification. Androgyny has been revealed as an identity that neither men nor women are born with, but embody through time. It is important to illustrate a growing recognition of androgynous artists to offer us an opportunity to glimpse the spectacular evolvement of sexual identities. It is important to understand the internal motivations that these artists have and how central the communication of these motivations and differences they portray. It is also vital how discourse is part of that musical identity and the purpose it serves. It is also very important to understand that it is when we put gender into play; it is when we question the binary, it is when we break the rules and keep calling attention to the fact that the rules are breakable.




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