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Doctor of Philosophy


Environmental Science and Engineering


Russell R. Chianelli


This dissertation approves the possibility of the first time use of synthetic asphaltene as new dye in dye sensitized solar cells. In which the conversion efficiency of synthetic asphaltene DSSC has improved up to 2.0 %. Synthetic asphaltene sample was prepared from the starting material as in literature and applied for various solar cell parameters of TiO2 based dyesensitized solar cell DSSC. DSSCs were fabricated using the synthetic asphaltene as dye. Different variables and parameters were carried out to test the photovoltaic performance of the cells, these parameters include open-circuit voltage, short-circuit current; fill factor. The first result was obtained with using synthetic asphaltene as dye was 0.4%. The maximum energy conversion with using synthetic asphaltene as dye after adjusting some variables and adding some additives was reached 2.0%. The benefit to study this material will help us to find new dye and also to understand more the characterization of crude oil asphaltene which leads us to improve its efficiency in dye sensitized solar cells.




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Hassan Sharif