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Master of Science


Metallurgical and Materials Engineering


Namsoo P. Kim


The standardization of Printable Materials and Direct-Write Systems addresses the many areas of Printing Nano Engineering that lack standards. Printing Nano Engineering is a new method of manufacturing electronics that utilize direct-write system with printing principles to manufacture electronic components.

Standards need to be developed for the different direct-write systems and printable materials in order to provide compatibility amongst printed electronics and to allow the optimization for direct-writ s e systems, and printable materials associated with these systems. There are many different types of direct-write systems in industry; each system involves different methods for printing that incorporates the limiting parameters for each. These systems are relatively new and the development of standards is of high priority. Standards need to be developed for each direct-write system, substrates, and conductive inks. More literature is becoming available for each of these areas to be referenced and a common agreement must be reached and established into a database for the standards to be followed. The standards developed will be useful for international entities involved in the printed electronic industry.

Methods for standardization have been attempted throughout this research. The standardization of substrate material for the R2P printing process has been addressed as part of this research. The standardization for the dispersion matrix of conductive inks relative to different substrates used in the final application has also been addressed in this research. There is a wide range of standardization in the area of Printing Nano Engineering that can be developed and is needed for the success in the implementation of the manufacturing of printed electronics.




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