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Educational Leadership and Administration


Rodolfo Rincones


The main purpose of this study was to assess how predictors of quality of academic effort relate to academic success and student persistence of on-track and off-track students in a higher education institution in Northern Mexico; to investigate the relationship of pre-entry attributes,

family background and academic success as expressed by GPA among on-track, off-track and dropout students. And to examine the relationship between participants quality of effort invested in their own learning and development in six academic areas and four areas of college students' social activities.

This study utilized the College Student Experience Questionnaire (CSEQ) to determine the quality and quantity of student effort in their academic activities. The study examined students' experiences in the college, family background, high school academic experiences and personal attributes as predictors of academic success as expressed by

the GPA. To analyze the data Chi square, t test, Anova and regression multiple were performed over a sample of 259 students (n = 259).

Results indicate that there were differences in high school performance among the three students categories. There were significant differences in GPA between on-track and dropout students; there were significant differences in GPA between on-track and off-track students and there were not significant differences in GPA between off-track and dropout students. On-track students' GPA can be predicted with high school GPA and EXANI scores, and also only the experiences in classroom were associated with the prediction of college GPA.




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