Date of Award


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Master of Science


Manufacturing Engineering


Tzu-Liang Tseng

Second Advisor

Amit J Lopes


Additive manufacturing processes combined with enhanced technologies for electronics production enables a highly flexible manufacturing of personalized 3D electronic devices. Due to the technical progress within the last years, these technologies made their way from prototyping towards manufacturing. The growing request for products manufactured in batch size, making use of a robot to incorporate the electronic components necessary to make functional 3-Dimensional-Structural Electronics will extend the mass production possibilities. There is significant interest in automation of a process in which parameters are influential in the occurrence of assembly defects and which adjustments should be made to those variables to reduce assembly defects. The present study aimed at investigating the accuracy of the electronic parts mounted on the 3D printed board, and up to which extent these factors are significant for the accurate shape detection process. The full factorial experiment was conducted to illustrate and explain the findings in the parameter optimization. Finally, optimal settings for the robot are proposed for more repeatedly and accurately.




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