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Doctor of Philosophy


Electrical Engineering


Joseph Pierluissi


Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, or MEMS, is a technology of very small scale devices. The dimensions of MEMS can vary from below one micron to several millimeters. MEMS have some mechanical functionalities such as the moving plate of a parallel plate capacitor (memcapacitor). MEMS researchers and developers have demonstrated an extremely large number of microsensors for almost every possible sensing modality including temperature, pressure, inertial forces, and chemical species. The equation of motion of the moving plate of a memcapacitor is governed by a non-linear differential equation with no known exact solution. Most research into determining the theoretical response of a memcapacitor to a time varying voltage, was done for the steady-state case. Nonlinearity of the displacement of the plate in a memcapacitor presents a challenge in determining the plate's position and capacitive detection. This paper presents an analytical closed form solution to the nonlinear differential equation, without the steady state assumption for an Impulse input, and an approximate solution for a step, ramp, and sinusoidal inputs.




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Ghassan Khalil Kachmar