Date of Award


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Master of Science


Civil Engineering


Ruey K. Cheu

Second Advisor

Helena Binova


Maritime container transport plays a major role in international trade. As such, it can be an attractive target of acts of unlawful interference, e.g., smuggling, piracy or terrorism. One major issue of maritime security is the container screening at ports, which is the main focus of this Thesis. The goal of this Thesis is to study the efficiency of different designs of screening systems using simulation. The literature review covers contemporary laws and requirements, container screening equipment and processes related to screening that take place in seaports. Next, operation of three screening checkpoints models, which symbolize predominant approaches to container screening, is simulated in Arena Simulation Software. The simulated cases are a representation of shipping containers through the transatlantic route from the European Union to the United States. The results are subsequently analyzed in order to gain insight into various aspects of checkpoint operation. Furthermore, recommendations on implementation of container screening at maritime terminals are provided to both policy makers and terminal designers.




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Michal Jizba