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Master of Science


Civil Engineering


Ruey L. Cheu

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Josef Kocourek


Bicycle transportation infrastructure has an important role in bicycle transportation mode. Every year there are hundreds of accidents where bicyclist are involve, because there is not a good infrastructure for bicycles in the roads bicyclists have a potential risk. One of the main purposes is maintain the bicyclistsâ?? safety in the roads to attract more people to use this eco-friendly transportation mode. The goal of this Thesis is compare the bicycle infrastructure in two different countries, United States and Czech Republic. The history and the main terminology are described in firsts chapters. Based on law and regulations, design criteria and guideline, ridding on mix traffic, and actual infrastructure status the differences take importance. To improve the actual status and future design of this kind of infrastructure, some simulation were coded in VISSIM software. Based in the simulation the weakness of infrastructure and driving culture of each country were detected. Moreover, recommendations on improvements to bicycle infrastructure in both countries for future researches.




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Jose C Hernandez