Control of Robot Manipulators Through Robust Sliding Linearization

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B. Fernandez, G. -. Bae and L. J. Everett, "Control of robot manipulator through robust sliding linearization," Proceedings., IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Cincinnati, OH, USA, 1990, pp. 124-129 vol.1.
doi: 10.1109/ROBOT.1990.125958


A robust control method which can overcome the disturbances and parameter uncertainties of a robot manipulator is proposed. This sliding-mode-based technique provides performance robustness that guarantees the system attractiveness to a certain linear surface if the so-called matching conditions and bounds on perturbations and modeling errors are satisfied. The performance and robustness characteristics can be separated into two cascaded loops, an internal one that guarantees the surface attraction or linearization robustness and an external one that designs a controller based on the linearized system. The technique is applied to a two-bar robot with a spring at the end effector as an unknown interaction with the environment and an external load disturbance.