Cognitive Traits of Instructional Technology: Linear Algebra

Hamide Dunlap


Paper provides the technology originated cognitive traits of a college student’s reasoning on linear algebra tasks while discussing an e-learning environment. A web-based module developed with the support of an NSF grant, was used in responding to basic abstract linear algebra concepts. Module provided online interactive dynamic geometric features of the ideas, and a set of questions both addressing geometric and abstract aspects complemented the module activities. At the end of the e-activities, a set of one-on-one interviews was conducted lasting about an hour. As a result of the qualitative analysis of the interview responses, cognitive traits due to the module activities were documented. In our presentation, we will provide excerpts from one student’s responses to portray a picture of how the module activities shaped the particular student’s mental agents while revealing the type of cognitive entities displayed on his interview responses. We will furthermore provide a short introduction to both the module and the mathematical tasks with a couple of module demonstrations.