Publication Date

October 2008


IPED Technical Report: 2008-7


The Institute for Policy and Economic Development (IPED) at the University of Texas at El Paso conducted an analysis of bilingualism in the workplace between El Paso and other regions. This study, performed for the City of El Paso Department of Economic Development, highlights El Paso’s bilingual workforce in 22 occupational groups and 20 industry sectors and makes cross-sectional comparisons to 19 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) that are in geographic proximity or contain a high number or percentage of Spanish-speaking populations. In addition, detailed occupations and detailed industries are reported for El Paso that offer English-Spanish bilinguals good wages, contain skills that can be transferred to other employment, and provide employment opportunity. Results indicate that El Paso’s workforce offers employers, both existing and potential, a strong bilingual foundation in comparison to other regions.