Publication Date

October 2001


IPED Technical Report: 2001-11
This report was original written as a Master's Thesis:
Pursuing Environmental Justice through the Courts: An Overview of the Process and Why it has Failed
Julie Lynne Hershenberg, M.A.; with Dennis L. Soden, Ph.D.; and William Weaver, J.D., Ph.D. as project principal investigators and thesis advisors.


This project brought together two issues that dominate policy debates in the southwestern U.S. and especially along the United States – Mexico Border; namely, environmental justice, and legal liabilities associated with adverse environmental actions. Both are major implementation problems. In the southwest the issue becomes more problematic as the two-nations meet face-to-face, and the maquiladora industry continues to expand, creating new burdens on an already stressed environment as a result of industrial practices that have not always meet U.S. environmental standards.