Identity Perspectives: Jean-Claude Linossi


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Jean-Claude Linossi

Summary of Interview

I interviewed Jean-Claude Linossi, who is a cisgender gay man. He was born November 20th, 1949, and is from Strasbourg, France. Linossi said that when he was growing up, the variations of gender identity and sexual orientation was not something that was openly talked about. He was introduced to his gender role at a very young age. The idea that men were supposed to be strong and support family, and that women took care of children and were meant to be subservient was the norm. He also did not know anyone that was openly LGBTQIA+ growing up. Being gay was considered taboo, and because of that Linossi had felt like there might have been something wrong with him.

Linossi feels that if he had come out as another gender, his family and friends would not have accepted him. It is highly likely that he would have even been shunned. In addition, he feels conflicted about the direction we are going in terms of acceptance of gender identity. He feels that we continue to go backwards in most subjects, and there is still a lot of work to do to grant non-cisgender individuals higher equality. Linossi did in fact marry a woman, and have a child, before realizing that he was not where he was supposed to be. He has always felt more comfortable around women and tends to form fonder connections with them, apart from other gay men. If he could give advice to someone struggling with their identity, he would tell them to find their support system and be proud of who they are.

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