Identity Perspectives: Karla Corona


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Identity Formation Interview


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Karla Corona

Summary of Interview

I interviewed Karla Corona with the interview we created in class. She was raised in Juarez, Mexico in a society that was conservative and not very accepting gender outside of the bi-gender. During our interview, Ms. Corona expressed how these topics were not spoken about with her family. Also, she talked about how it was merely impossible to come out with a different identity, society wouldn't accept it and would view them an outcast. Society status was very important for individuals those days, and one wouldn't want to be seen wrongfully. Ms. Corona also expressed how she did not had or has any judgement for individuals that expressed a different gender. She believes they deserve the same respect as any other person and shouldn't be discriminated the way they have been. To conclude the interview, Ms. Corona hopes that individuals struggling with coming out as a gender, come out, express themselves and don't let society disrespect them based on who they are.

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