Identity Perspectives: Hector Gutierrez


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Identity Formation Interview


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Hector Gutierrez

Summary of Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Hector Gutierrez about his identity formation process and the way that identity formation has changed and impacted his life. Hector was born in 1947 and grew up in Laredo Texas, a city in the South of Texas on the Mexican border. Hector talks about how he grew up loving to study and how that didn’t fit the male stereotype back then. He also talks about religion and how it was used to prosecute gay people. He explains that he believes that there is a God that loves everybody. He talks about his gender identity and how it is based on things that he wants to do without thinking of what other people think. He talks more about gender stereotypes and how they have changed over time. He talks briefly about the moment his daughter came out as gay. He also expresses his concern about the Supreme Court and political figures demonizing the LGBTIQIA+ community, and how he fears his daughter is going to face more discrimination in the coming year. He mentions that he doesn’t want to see us going back to the way it was, where people felt like they had to suppress their feelings around their identity. Because according to Hector, there’s nothing better than being who you are. He ends the interview with some great advice for people that are struggling with their identity. He tells them to: be yourself, love yourself and to never apologize for who you are.

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