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Bracero Oral History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Tomás Zapata Castañeda was born in Ejido el Faro, Chihuahua, México in 1937; although he did help his father in the fields, he also went to school; in 1956, he was hired as a bracero at the age on nineteen; he worked as a bracero in Texas, Montana, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Summary of Interview

Mr. Zapata was hired as a bracero in 1956; his first work contract took him to New Mexico, where due to the rain, he was unable to work; in the various places he went, he worked in the cotton and beet fields; he recalls that the braceros would use signs to communicate with the ranchers; in Colorado, he was able to earn $12.00 per acre that he worked; he also recalls that during the month of December, work contracts were given for three months at a time, whereas during the month of May, work contracts were given for forty-five days at a time.

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30 minutes

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