Feliciano Hinojosa


Michelle L. Gomilla

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

President of Chamizal Civic Organization during implementation of Chamizal Treaty.

Summary of Interview

Part of Chamizal Oral History Project;biographical data; describes homes and neighborhoods in Chamizal; recounts reaction of residents to signing of treaty; discusses meeting of Chamizal Civic Organization and Role Commissioner Joseph Friedkin; tells about his trip to Washington, D.C. to highlight plight of Chamizal residents meeting and his meeting President Lyndon B. John F. Kennedy in El Paso; appraisals of homes; meeting President Adolfo López Mateos in El Paso at signing treaty.

Date of Interview


Length of Interview

35 minutes

Tape Number

No. 841

Transcript Number

No. 841

Length of Transcript

21 pages

Interview Number

No. 841

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