Milton Ottey


Dr. Charles Martin


History of the University

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Born in Jamaica, raised in Canada, came to UTEP in 1980 on a track scholarship; student-athlete at UTEP 1980-85, 1989-90.

Summary of Interview

Describes first impression of El Paso; compares educational systems in Canada an U.S; tells about his track career as a high jumper including competition in 1984 Olympics, gold medals at the commonwealth games in 1982 and 1986; discussions of UTEP's coaching staff; comments about track team members Bert Cameron and S. Nyambui and comments on high numbers of foreign athletes on Ted Bank's UTEP track team ; describes UTEP'S winning the NCAA indoor track championship.

Date of Interview


Length of Interview

45 minutes

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No. 783

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No. 783

Length of Transcript

21 pages

Interview Number

No. 783

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