Sarah E. John


Military History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

(Member of pioneer El Paso family; retired Army colonel) Born September 28.1898 at the Maqoffin Homestead in EL Paso; parents were William Jefferson Glasgow. a U.S. Cavalry officer. and Josephine Richardson Magoffin; attended elementary school in El Paso. private school in Kansas. and West Point; 0raduated from West Point in November. 1918.

Summary of Interview

TAPE I: Biographical data; childhood recollections and early El Paso; moving around the country with his family; how he came to enter Viest Point; experiences as part of the Army of Occupation in Europe following World Viar I; brief histories of the Magoffin and Glasgow families. including his Scottish. Irish. French and Spanish ancestors; the Mexican Revolutionary era; the Chinese community in El Paso
TAPE II: The Escobar Revolution of 1929 and his experiences while stationed in El Paso
at the time; Juarez and Prohibition; experiences during his tour of duty in
Brest. France in 1919 and having a close relationship with the family of
Admiral Grout. the French Commander at Brest; his trip to the British Isles;
experiences as part of the Army of Occupation in Germany. 1920. and in charge
of the Visitor's Bureau; experiences as aide-de-camp to Commanding General

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Length of Interview

22 hour 15 minutes

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No. 605

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No. 605

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215 pages

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No. 605

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