Carl Hertzog


Curry and Fran Holden

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Master typographer and book designer, former Director of Texas Western Press. This tape was made at Lamb's Head Ranch, near Alban, Texas.

Summary of Interview

Informal comments about the following: Tape 1: Tom Lea; Dr. Haldeen Braddy of U. T. El Paso, Thoreau; old timers of the Southwest; Joseph Wood Crouch; W. A. Hawkings; La Luz, New Mexico; Betty Seymour; the Matthews family, Watt Matthews, and the book Interwoven about the Lamb's Head Ranch; Buck Shewitz; J. Frank Dobie; Frank Fields; book design; Carl Van Dale; typography; Price Daniel; Price Daniel, Jr.; Will and Watt Reynolds. Tape 2: J. Evetts Haley; Ben Green; Matthews family; José Cisneros, including his biography, Red River Valley book by Neville, trips taken with Hertzog, his family; Magoffin/Glasgow family, his being installed in the El Paso County Historical Society Hall of Honor in 1974. Tape 3: Matthews family and Interwoven; discussion on proposed books, famous visitors at Lamb's Head Ranch; King family; experience at Anapolis; Bob Clayburgh

Date of Interview


Length of Interview

5 hours

Tape Number

No. 527

Interview Number

No. 527

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