Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico.

Summary of Interview

Tape I, Side A: Ed Wygard, Teotli, 30 minutes; Tape I, Side B: Teotli, Dick Michel, 21 minutes. Tape II, Side A: Gols, Schickling, 25 minutes (fades). Tape II, Side B: Blank. Tape III, Side A: Leon Opalin, 23 minutes. Tape III, Side B: Dick Bolin, 30 minutes. Tape IV, Side A: Bolin Christman, 30 minutes. Tape IV, Side B: Christman, Jackie Mitchell, 10 minutes; (fades).

Date of Interview


Length of Interview

2 hours 45 minutes

Tape Number

No. 371

Interview Number

No. 371

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