Frank W. Gorman Jr.


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El Paso History

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Frank W. Gorman, Jr. was born in El Paso on June 20, 1924. His parents were Frank Gorman and Eloise Knotts. His father was from Chattanooga, TN, and his mother was from Lucas, TX, but had been raised in Mexico. He describes his grandfather’s mining work in Durango and Guanajuato during the Mexican Revolution. Mr. Gorman’s father was a Lieutenant during WWI, and met Eloise in El Paso when he came to start a supply company. Mr. Gorman attended El Paso High School and then served in the Navy, but the war ended before he could be sent overseas. After WWII, Mr. Gorman got his degree from New Mexico State University and went to work as a partner in his father’s company. His younger brother served in Korea and then got a business degree from Stanford, before also returning to work at Gorman Industrial Supply. Gorman describes growing up in El Paso, including watching high school basketball games. He also recalled camping and being a member of the Boy’s Scouts. Mr. Gorman recalled that donkeys and horses were present throughout the city during the ‘30s, with milk still being delivered by horse. By the 1950s, the Gorman’s company expanded into Phoenix, AZ, and Mr. Gorman regularly travel back and forth between El Paso and Phoenix. Mr. Gorman eventually had two daughters and four sons, with each of his sons joining some aspect of the family business. He also describes his children’s educational experiences and schools. Lastly, Mr. Gorman details the efforts to expand the business in El Paso, as well as problems with contracts that were not paid during the years when he first took over as president of the company.

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