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El Paso Medical History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Frances Blumenthal was born in Santa Monica, California during a summer vacation, but was raised in El Paso. Both her brothers were born in the family’s El Paso home on Prospect Ave., which had been purchased in the 1916 or early 1917. Mrs. Blumenthal met her husband in 1942, while he was stationed at Fort Bliss. Albert Blumenthal was born in Germany, and moved to the United States in 1933, to Ohio.

Summary of Interview

He did basic training for the Army in Maryland. Mrs. Blumenthal was 10th Sun Queen in 1944 at the Sun Carnival. Describes how there was no parade because of rationing, but the festival was still held. Mr. and Mrs. Blumenthal moved to Toledo after the war, but returned to El Paso in 1946. Mr. Blumenthal describes his role in getting Cancer Treatment Center in El Paso. Discusses creation of a medical center area around the old St. Joseph’s Hospital, and negotiating the purchasing of land to build the treatment center. Mr. Blumenthal also describes the death of his father when he was six, and his family’s efforts to immigrate to the United States. Mr. Blumenthal enlisted in the U.S. Army because of signs that Europe was going to war soon. He served for four years. Mrs. Blumenthal describes her family tree, beginning with her maternal grandparents. She describes the selection of the Sun Carnival queen, and the secrecy surrounding the committee. Describes her family’s prominence in the El Paso community at that time and earlier. She also describes the local medical community, including several relatives who were doctors. Mrs. Blumenthal attended Radford School, and carpooled there daily with children from Sunset Heights.

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47 minutes

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No. 1621


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No. 1621

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