Jane S. Bargman


Barbara Dent


El Paso Medical History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Jane S. Bargman was born in El Paso Texas in 1936. Her parents were Dr. Eric Spier and Hannah Bonwick Spier. She attended Rice University in Houston, while her older brother, Werner, attended UTEP before going to medical school.

Summary of Interview

She describes growing up in the home of a medical doctor, her father. Parents had immigrated to New York from Germany. Dr. Spier had attended medical school in Germany. The couple moved to El Paso before Mrs. Bargman was born. She recalls that her father took care of the medical needs for the family until she was six or seven. She attended Dudley School until it was shut down, and then transferred to Mesita Elementary School. Her father’s main practice was delivering babies, but he performed surgeries as well. Mrs. Bargman gained medical knowledge through taking calls and helping his practice as a child. She discusses differences between her family and other families, such as dinner table discussion etiquette. Dr. Spier never took medical vacations until older brother had completed medical school and could watch the practice. Father slowly retired from medical practice when his eyesight became too poor to practice surgery in the ‘60s. Length

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52 minutes

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No. 1620


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No. 1620

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