Delia A. Pompa Nunez


Alejandra Díaz


Bracero Oral History Project

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Delia A. Pompa Nuñez was born April 20, 1952, in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico; her mother’s name was Sofia, and her father’s name was Gildardo Espinoza Pompa; she had six siblings; her father worked as a the bracero in the fields of Arizona, California, Idaho, Texas and Wyoming picking various crops; in 1956, when Delia was roughly three years old, the family moved to the United States; they later settled in Litchfield Park, Arizona; when Delia was sixteen, she married and eventually had three children.

Summary of Interview

Ms. Pompa talks about living in Mexico with her mother while her father, Gildardo Espinoza Pompa, worked as a bracero in the United States; he labored in the fields of Arizona, California, Idaho, Texas and Wyoming picking various crops; her parents began filling out papers to immigrate to the United States in 1950, before Delia was born; while he was gone, her mother worked as primary school teacher; he often sent money by telegram, which her mother cashed at a local bank; in addition, he sent material, thread and needles to his wife for her sewing; once, when he returned home, he surprised Delia with a huge doll; as a bracero, he worked in some places where he was treated very well; however, in other areas, even the animals were better cared for; upon crossing into the United States, he was put in a holding area and went days without anything to eat or drink before getting transferred to the camp, where he was immediately sent to work; while he was away, her brother Elio was born; shortly after, in 1956, the family immigrated to the United States; they finally settled in a labor camp in Litchfield Park, Arizona, which they were very excited about, and the family continued to grow; Delia also worked in the fields, went to school and helped raise her younger siblings; she offers several anecdotes about her experiences living in the labor camp; when she was sixteen years old, she married and eventually had three children, two girls and one boy; she is proud of her father and his work as a bracero, because he was able to provide a better life for the family.

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