Raymundo González


Adriana Hermosillo


Bracero Oral History Project

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Born in Villagrán, Tamaulipas, México in 1932. Raymundo González first worked in the U.S at age 14, 1947. Contracted as a Bracero at age 18 in 1951 and continued until 1956. During our hour-long interview with Raymundo González one key theme that emerged was the hardship of working as a Bracero. González described his childhood as one filled with poverty and sacrifice. He and his siblings started working at very young ages and had little time for school. González himself said he only attended school through the fourth grade, while his younger siblings finished elementary school. Another central theme to the interview was working as an undocumented immigrant prior to being contracted as a Bracero. This influenced his perspective on working as a contracted laborer, furthering his ambition to obtain legal employment status. This was also facilitated by the fact that his siblings and other family members had previously gone through the contracting process. His familial connections near the contracting center in Monterrey eased the employment process. Throughout the interview he reiterated the importance of being able to work without fear of deportation. Additionally, regardless of the treatment he received while working in the field, he focused on the contracted work he was assigned. Though, at times, he did stand up for himself when conditions were unfair; at one point he left a job because he was not allowed to drink water throughout the workday. Overall, González recalled his Bracero experience as positive because it allowed him to raise money for his wedding and provide a foundation for his family in México.

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