Manuel Pacheco Galan


Mireya Loza


Bracero Oral History

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Manuel Pacheco Galan was born in San Pedro Galan Ixtlahuacan, Oaxaca, México on September 2, 1925. His parents worked in the fields of corn and bean. His father pasted away when Mr. Pacheco was seven years old. He started working when he twelve with his uncle. In 1956 he was hired as a bracero Pacheco worked picking cotton, lemon, lettuce and tomato in California, Texas and Arkansas.

Summary of Interview

Manuel Pacheco Galan was born in San Pedro Ixtlahuacan, Oaxaca, México. He started working in the field at the age of twelve. Pacheco was married in 1954, and two years later he was hired as a bracero. The first place Pacheco worked in the bracero program was Calexico, California picking and cleaning lettuce. Then, he traveled to San Diego, California to work picking tomatoes. He renewed his contract again and traveled to Oxnard, California and worked picking lemons and tomatoes. Pacheco returned to México, but was hired again and traveled to San Antonio, Texas to pick cotton. Pacheco bought a house and land with the money he saved when he was working as a bracero. Currently he lives somewhere in the city of Oaxaca, México.

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