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Bracero Oral History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Efraín Benítez Satana was born on October 12, 1931, in Cutzamala de Pinzón, Guerrero, México; he has two siblings; in 1952, he entered the bracero program; he worked in Arkansas and Texas picking cotton.

Summary of Interview

Mr. Benítez Satana remembers his childhood in Cutzamala de Pinzón, Guerrero, México; he states that he grew up with two siblings; in 1952, he decided to join the bracero program due to economic need; he explains that he was contracted in Monterey, Nuevo Leon, México and then sent to Irapuato, Guanajuato, México; moreover, he outlines what the process was like to be contracted in the Irapuato center and then sent via train to the United States-México border; he remembers being deloused at the border and how he was then transported to his worksite; furthermore, he recalls that his first contract sent him to Arkansas, but his assignment was cancelled because the region had received very little rain; his next contract was at El Indio, Texas picking cotton; he relates that he worked under this contract until 1963; additionally, he describes working ten hour days and the amount of money he was paid for his labor; he asserts that he had very good relationships with the small group of braceros that work with him and that they often went to the movies on days off; to conclude, he states that he migrated to the United States after he left the bracero program in 1963, the same year his mother died.

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