Raul Cardenas M.


Adriana Sandoval and Rochelle Garza


Bracero Oral History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Mr. Raul Cardenas was born on March 18, 1943, in Venustiano Carranza, Michoacán, México; oldest child of Trino Cárdenas and María Maceas; his mother was a housewife; his father died when he was six years old; he moved to México at the age of sixteen and worked as a taco vendor; he became a bracero at the age of seventeen and worked in Yolo, California picking tomatoes; he also labored in Salinas, California and Santa Ana, California picking chile; he later labored in the fields of Poston, Arizona; after his last contract he immigrated to the United States.

Summary of Interview

Mr. Cardenas briefly recalls his childhood and having to move to México City, México, to start working; when he was seventeen years of age he heard about a call for braceros; he decided to leave his job for the chance to work in the United States; he traveled to the processing center in Calexico, México; he details the harsh conditions he and other men endured while waiting there; in addition, he talks about how painful the physical exams were and how rudely they were conducted; his first contract took him to work in the tomato fields of Yolo, California; he goes on to detail living conditions, provisions, payments, deductions and remittances, treatment, friendships, and recreational activities; in 1962 while working in the fields of Santa Ana, California, he recalls hearing of President Kennedy’s assassination; in 1964 he completed his last contract, returned to México and got married; he and his wife later immigrated to the United States; although he did suffer as a bracero, his overall memories of the program are positive.

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53 minutes

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