Ana Marie Koch


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Summary of Interview

Ana Marie Koch resided in Canutillo, Texas for most of her life, and she recalls her childhood memories about the town. Koch remembers her family history; her father had many occupations before buying a store in Canutillo called Central Market. As a child, Koch attended Lone Star Elementary; she sometimes arrived late to school from lunch break because she purposely hid in bushes near the school; she also explains some afterschool activities such as, going to church and playing house with dried red chilies; when she was ten, Koch would work at her dad’s store, and passed the time by playing pranks on a few clients she disliked. Koch also attended El Paso High School; she rode the bus that travelled from Canutillo to the school; her first days a El Paso High, Koch remembered, were tough because she did not have any friends her classes. Additionally, Koch recalls the importance of the Church in the community of Canutillo; she explains how the Sunday church goers assisted building the new church by either collecting a cup a sand or by carrying rocks back to the construction site; Koch also provides the details on the construction dates of the church. There were also other landmarks that were important components to the community; she discusses the theatre, and she provides a few details about the Canutillo Community Clinic. Koch graduated from El Paso High School in 1952; she began to work in several financial institutions; she retired in 1992 due to medical issues. To conclude, Koch remembers Canutillo as place where everyone is happy although they did not have much.

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No. 1786

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