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University of Texas At El Paso, Oral Histories, Texas College Of Mines and Metallurgy, Texas Western College, Fred W. Bailey, Ruth Brown Mccluney, Fay Wynn Nelson, Thad A. Steele, C. L. Sonnichsen, Berte R. Haigh, Lurline Hughes Coltharp, Bulah Liles Patterson, Leon Denny Moses, Maria Elena Garcia Connolly, Anton H. Berkman, Zora Zong Gaines, Cesar Arroyo, Pollard Rodgers, Baxter Polk, William S. Strain, Catherine Burnett Kistenmacher, John A. Phelan, Elouise L. Phelan, Rudy Tellez, Esperanza Acosta Moreno, Ralph M. Coleman, Louise Resley Wiggins, Hector Holguin, Edna Nixon Mciver, Charles T. Brown, Donald S. Henderson, Martha Lou Florence Broaddus, Richard D. Overley, Carolyn Fisk Overley, Nevil Shed, Joseph M. Ray, William S. Stevens, W. H. Timmons, Marjorie P. Lawson, Juan O. Lawson, Mimi Reisel Gladstein, Jose F. Avila, Dennis Bixler-Marquez, Thomas F. Meagher, Luz Villegas, Milton Ottey, Gary Massingill, Charles V. Balang, Jose I. Oaxaca, Diana Natalicio, Faculty, Students


Cultural History | Oral History | Social History


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