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Jean Carl Hertzog, book designer, typographer, and printer, was born in Lyons, France, on February 8, 1902. At the age of twenty-one, Carl Hertzog began working for the Owl Printing Shop, a small commercial printing firm in Wheeling, West Virginia. Later that year, Hertzog answered an advertisement in the trade journal, the Inlander Press, which brought him to El Paso as a printer for W.S. McMath & Company. In 1948, Hertzog became a lecturer in the Art, English, Advertising, and Journalism departments at the Texas College of Mines. "Bookology" and "The World of Books" were courses taught by Carl Hertzog. During this same period, Hertzog founded the college print shop that later became Texas Western Press. Along with producing regional literary projects, Hertzog was also responsible for the College's printing needs, which included revising the college catalog, creating programs for various departments, and producing special tributes, letterhead, and bulletins for Texas Western College. Hertzog's directorship of Texas Western Press also marked the production of "Southwestern Studies," a college press quarterly publication, which began in 1963. The papers document Carl Hertzog's professional activities from 1921 to1984 and sections of his personal life from birth to middle age. The majority of the papers reflect Hertzog's general business affairs regarding printing requests, project designs, and material acquisition. The correspondence in the personal papers series contains a description of Hertzog's family and childhood. As a whole, the papers create an overall view of Hertzog's professional activities as a printer, typographer, and book designer.