PON/xDSL Hybrid Access Networks

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E. I. Gurrola et al, "PON/xDSL hybrid access networks," Optical Switching and Networking, vol. 14, pp. 32-42, 2014. . DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.osn.2014.01.004.


We discuss hybrid fiber/copper access networks with a focus on XG-PON/VDSL2 hybrid access networks. We present tutorial material on the XG-PON and VDSL2 protocols as standardized by the ITU. We investigate mechanisms to reduce the functional logic at the device that bridges the fiber and copper segments of the hybrid fiber/copper access network. This device is called a drop-point device. Reduced functional logic translates into lower energy consumption and cost for the drop-point device. We define and analyze the performance of several mechanisms to move some of the VDSL2 functional logic blocks from the drop-point device into the XG-PON Optical Line Terminal. Our analysis uncovers that silence suppression mechanisms are necessary to achieve statistical multiplexing gain when carrying synchronous intermediate VDSL2 data formats across the XG-PON.